Package includes

  • Your selected costume for Carnival Tuesday

  • 2 FUZE shirts for Jouvert and Carnival Monday

  • Unlimited food and drinks while on the road Carnival Monday and Tuesday

  • Admission to Antigua's all-inclusive breakfast fete and carnival

  • Local transportation on carnival Monday and Tuesday

  • Amazing DJs and premier sound system

  • Security on the road

  • Portable restroom on the road both days

  • Medical staff on the road


Payment plans available! 


Represented by the Dahomey Amazon and her male counterpart, the Ghekre Warrior, these costumes
embody the security forces necessary to protect our people.

Ghekre Warrior– Ghekre Warriors are known for their fierce integrity and their skill in agriculture and woodworking.
The Ghekre Warriors adhere to an ancient code of ethics based on a strong spiritual system. This source
of energy provide them with all the strength they need to defend their people.

Dahomey Amazon- The Dahomey Amazon are the all-female military regiment of the Dahomey Kingdom. The Dahomey Amazon are absolutely fearless, and serve as the personal security for King Houegbadia of Dahomey.


Represented by Omo and her male counterpart, Nkosi, The Royals exemplify the ancient wisdom and discernment it takes to lead their people.

Omohailing from the Omo River Valley – the birthplace of African civilization, Omo represents the
undeniable primacy of Africa. She is the original, the first, the prototype for all who are to come. Her
beauty and resilience are unmatched and make her the natural leader of all her people.

Nkosi– meaning King, Nkosi personifies the royal bearing of a monarch – one who rules with an eye
toward what is true and just. The job of Nkosi is not an easy one, yet he upholds his principles with
courage and conviction and always puts the well-being of his people first.