Costume Package Includes

  • Your select costume for Carnival Tuesday

  • Limited costume alterations *

  • J'ouvert t-shirt

  • Monday Wear Basic (or your choice of alternative Monday wear at additional cost)

  • All food and drinks while on the road on Carnival Monday AND Tuesday

  • Admission to Antigua's annual all-inclusive Breakfast Fete 

  • Local transportation on Sunday, J'ouvert,  carnival Monday, and Tuesday

  • Amazing DJs and premier sound system

  • Security on the road

  • Portable restroom on the road 

  • Medical staff on the road

limited costume alterations available within  24 hours of costume pickup include:

Jewel/rhinestone reinforcement, backpack repair, strap adjustment, headpiece adjustment

Refunds of subsequent payments will not be granted
after March 1, 2020. Final payment must be made by MAY 3, 2020. CLICK HERE for payment deadlines

FUZE Costume Policy

  • Costumes are ordered according to details specified in the costume order form.

  • All sizes are available for standard bras. A $30 fee is applied to standard bras larger than 38 band size and/or DD Cup size

  • Sections designed with wire bras are not available in bra sizes larger than 38 band size or D cup size (36DD or 34DDD equivalent)

  • FUZE does not make costume deliveries.

  • Costume packages are available at costume pickup in Antigua only. 

  • Additional sizes and items not specified on this form will not be available.

  • Limited costume alterations (as listed on the website) will be provided.

  • By submitting this form, you understand and adhere to the terms of your costume package as it relates to payment deadlines, package contents and costume alterations as listed on the website.  

  • All deposits are NONREFUNDABLE

  • Refunds of subsequent costume package payments after March 3, 2020 are also NONREFUNDABLE


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