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What are the FUZE Carnival dates for 2023?

Antigua Carnival dates are confirmed at the start of the new year. Carnival in Antigua typically takes places the first Monday and Tuesday of August. 

The FUZE Carnival Mas Band is preliminarily set begin its activities on Friday, August 4th with an introductory meet and greet, and will end on Wednesday, August 8th with our FUZE Gives Back service activity. We will have firmer dates as Carnival draws nearer.

What is included in my costume package*?
Your full carnival costume for Tuesday (excluding any additional accessories you choose to purchase

  • Your t-shirt(s) for Jouvert 

  • Your Carnival Monday t-shirt (or choice of alternative Carnival Monday wear at an additional cost)

  • One ticket to the annual Antigua Breakfast Fete – an all you can eat and drink party/concert/festival from Sunday morning to afternoon;

  • Local transportation to Breakfast fete, Jouvert, Carnival Monday, and Carnival Tuesday;

  • Your food and drink (including alcohol) on the road for Jouvert, Carnival Monday, and Carnival Tuesday

  • Access to a mobile restroom during Carnival;

  • Medical attention on the road from our on-staff physician and nurse for Jouvert, Carnival Monday, and Carnival Tuesday;

  • Security detail on the road for for Jouvert, Carnival Monday, and Carnival Tuesday.

Is lodging included in my package?

Lodging is not included in your package, however, we do recommend the use of sites like AirBnB and VRBO to secure your lodging at, or very near, Jolly Harbor – which is the location of our departure points for all activities.

What if I need a roommate? Will you help select one for me?
You may join our
FUZE FACEBOOK GROUP This is where veteran fetters, newbies gather to exchange information and experiences about Carnival. It is also where roommates are secured!


When is the best time to get a ticket to Antigua?

Tickets tend to be extremely inexpensive in early-Spring. Bear in mind that the closer you are to Carnival season, the more the tickets will cost. Plan your trip wisely!


How long is the Carnival route?
We’ve learned that it varies, depending on the authorities’ designation. You can expect to be dancing, chipping, and whinin' on the road for a total of 25 – 40 miles over the course of 2 days. Prepare yourself!


I have my ticket, a place to stay, and a roommate. What should I pack?

  • Waterproof sunscreen (minimum SPF 30 recommended)

  • A brimmed hat for day trips and the beach

  • LOTS of swimwear!

  • 2 pairs of sneakers or other sturdy, comfortable shoes to wear on Carnival Monday and Tuesday (1 or 2 for J’ouvert and t-shirt mas on Monday and 1 for the parade on Tuesday)

  • 2 pairs of sunglasses (in case you lose yours while jumping in the parade)

  • A pair of shorts or leggings or other comfy bottoms to wear during J’ouvert (these must be ok to get dirty!)

  • Ladies – 2 pairs of lightweight flesh toned support hose or tights to wear with your carnival costume

  • A couple of party outfits that you don’t mind getting drenched in sweat and/or rain! 

    • Note: in past years, we partied until sunrise or well into the wee hours of the night in the rain and Breakfast Fete was a MONSOON and we STILL had a blast! FUZE fetes – rain or shine!

  • Voltage converter.  Most places do have both standard US plugs and the Caribbean ones. Increase your options for charging your electronic devices by bringing a converter or two.

  • For the ladies wearing the wire bra:

    • Pasties – because nip slips can happen on de road

    • Double stick tape or other adhesive to ensure EXTRA security. These bras
      are STURDY and they have a bit less coverage than the traditional bikini bra

What other activities are there to do in Antigua during carnival?
Antigua Carnival is an extremely busy time for the country. There are numerous concerts, parades and band competitions. As soon as the information is updated on their website, we will post it to our FUZE Facebook group so that you can have an idea of what’s happening. Please note that participation in these activities is at your own expense and not included in the FUZE Carnival package.


How do FUZE Carnival participants get information once in Antigua?
We use WhatsApp – the most commonly accessed mobile communication platform in Antigua – to communicate to all fetters in the group. You’d simply need to download the app and we add you! Make sure you also reach out to your mobile phone service provider to inquire about (and secure) the appropriate international data and calling package ahead of your trip.

What if I have a question that you did not answer here?

You may always reach out to us via email at !

FUZE Costume Policy

  • Costumes are ordered according the details specified in the costume order form.

  • FUZE does not make costume deliveries. Fetters MUST be in Antigua to pick up costumes.  There are absolutely no exceptions.

  • Costume packages are available at costume pickup in Antigua only. 

  • Additional sizes and items not specified on the costume order form will not be available.

  • Limited costume alterations (as listed on the website) will be provided.

  • By purchasing a costume and registering for carnival, you understand and adhere to the terms of your costume package as it relates to payment deadlines, package contents and costume alterations as listed on the website.

  • Registration and costume package purchases include a mandatory $250 deposit. 

  • All  deposits ($250 USD) are NONREFUNDABLE.

  • Refunds of subsequent costume package payments after March 3, 2023 are also NONREFUNDABLE.

  • Purchase of any costume package or event ticket from this website is an automatic engagement of services whereby the customer/buyer agrees to the terms of the FUZE Costume Policy.  

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