How does it work?

As many of you Carnival vets can attest, two days of winin’, chippin’, and jumpin’ up is a serious ting!!  Pair miles of dancing on de road with incredible heat, and (for most of us) LOTS of alcohol -  peak physical conditioning is a MUST!

Never fear, Fit4FUZE is HERE!!  This online fitness challenge is designed to get you ready for de road – OR if you’re not going to Antigua carnival with us – for all the fun summer has to offer! 

Whether you're new or skilled at working out, we’ve got something for every fitness level. As this is a group challenge, you will also benefit from having a team of people to cheer you on, push you harder, and hold you accountable! The goal is to get you stronger, fitter, and healthier – whether you come to carnival or not! 

As individuals are not assessed by a fitness professional, the Fit4FUZE program is not "personalized". It does, however, provide exercises and nutritional guidance over the course of each session. This guidance is designed to improve overall fitness, reduce body fat content, increase endurance, and make participants aware of the linkages between what they eat and how they look and feel.

We will also provide webinars, with health and fitness professionals, as well as online classes and demonstrations to help you along your fitness journey.

All participants will be required to track their progress and report via weekly logs. This will help with that pesky accountability factor AND allow others to cheer your triumphs and provide support during the often experienced "plateau moments".





What's Fit4Fuze?

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Session I-  May 4-June 1

Session II-June 2-June 30 

Session III- July 1- July 29