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Recruit 5-10 individuals to register for Antigua Carnival with FUZE and receive 50-100% off your post-deposit costume package for Antigua Carnival 2024


Recruit 5-9 individuals to receive 50% off your post-deposit costume package
Recruit 10+ individuals to receive 100% off your post-deposit costume package

Step 1- Complete your group registration form below and submit your $250 costume package deposit
Step 2- Receive your group code via email
Step 3- Send your code to your group with instruction to enter the code in the costume order form upon registration
Step 4- Receive your costume package discount code once each group member has completed their registration by May 3rd, 2024

Only one code per recruiter. Applies to unique individual registrations only. Recruiter cannot participate as a person being recruited by another person.


Terms and Conditions

The FUZE Carnival experience includes, but is not limited to:

  • Your costume

  • Monday Wear Basic

  • J'ouvert t-shirt

  • Limited costume alterations

  • Admission to Antigua's annual all-inclusive Breakfast Fete 

  • Unlimited food and drinks on the road

  • Local transportation Sunday- Tuesday

  • Amazing DJs and premier sound system

  • Security on the road

  • Portable restroom on the road 

  • Professional photography 

  • Medical staff on the road

  • Limited vehicle access on the road

  • Contribution to FUZE Gives Back Foundation 


1. All deposits are NON REFUNDABLE;

2. Due to the nature of our business:

  • All sales are FINAL; there are no exchanges, transfers, refunds; chargebacks will also NOT be honored;

  • All costumes are picked up at costume distribution IN ANTIGUA without exception;

  • All costumes must be picked up by the purchaser, unless previously communicated with FUZE Carnival via email at

  • FUZE’s responsibility for costume quality ends at the time of distribution/collection.  Please check the components of your costume at the time of pick up so that your issues may be addressed;

  • Further to point 2d above, it is IMPERATIVE that you check your sizes and size up, if need be at the time of ordering.  The size charts for our costumes are posted on the website so you may measure yourself appropriately before ordering.  If you have questions about the costume and fit, please contact us at;

3. Costumes are constructed according to the details in the costume order form;

4. Additional sizes and items not specified on the costume order form will not be available;

5. Purchase of any costume package or event ticket from this website is an automatic engagement of services, whereby the customer/buyer agrees to the terms and conditions expressed herein;

6. You agree that you must be 21 or older at the time of registration for FUZE Carnival.  Anyone not meeting the requirement will forfeit all their payments;

7. While we offer limited costume alterations, there will be NO EXCHANGES during costume distribution.  It is incumbent upon you to order your correct size based on the size chart posted on our website;

8. Please note that FUZE Carnival cannot be held responsible or liable for reimbursement as a result of any act of God, or local government restrictions that affect Antigua Carnival.  The procurement of raw materials as well as deposits to our vendors would have already been underway to facilitate the road experience;

9. Should there be any delays/cancellations/interruptions in Carnival celebrations due to government enforced regulations, all payments will be rolled over either to the following Carnival year OR when FUZE Carnival deems it to be safe for our fetters to return to the road.  The procurement of raw materials as well as deposits to our vendors would have already been underway to facilitate the road experience.


FUZE Carnival Refund Policy:

  • Along with the terms and conditions above, FUZE’s refund policy is as follows:

  • Registration and costume package purchases include a mandatory $250 deposit. 

  • All  deposits ($250 USD) are NONREFUNDABLE.

  • Refunds of subsequent costume package payments after March 3, 2024 are also NON-REFUNDABLE.

  • Chargebacks on subsequent payments will NOT be honored.

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