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Costume Package Price Includes:
• Your costume (pictured above)
• Monday Wear Basic
• J'ouvert t-shirt
• Limited costume alterations at costume pick up
• Admission to Antigua's annual all-inclusive Breakfast Fete
• Unlimited food and drinks on the road
• Local transportation Sunday- Tuesday
• Amazing local and international DJs and premier sound system
• Security on the road
• Portable restroom on the road
• Professional photography
• Medical staff on the road
• Limited Cooler Van access on the road
• Contribution to Fuze Gives Back Foundation


Costume Description:

• Red shorts with Atoghu print accent

• Atoghu print statement necklace

• Traditional Cameroonian coral bead necklace

• Traditional Cameroonian Bicorn hat

• Atoghu print arm pieces

Men's Atoghu

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