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An Absolutely iconic pattern, Nsubra from Ghana represents the ripple effect of a stone thrown into the water.  FUZE seeks to make the same impact on Caribbean carnival by showing our fetters and viewers how powerfully stunning Africa can look on de road.  We never cut corners and always represent our culture an our people with the utmost integrity.  Nsubra is sure to stand out at 2023 Carnival in Antigua.


Costume Package prices are presented in price ranges starting at the price for the FUZE FULL package.

Your Costume Package Includes:

  • Your costume

  • Monday Wear Basic

  • J'ouvert t-shirt

  • Limited costume alterations

  • Admission to Antigua's annual all-inclusive Breakfast Fete 

  • Unlimited food and drinks on the road

  • Local transportation Sunday- Tuesday

  • Amazing DJs and premier sound system

  • Security on the road

  • Portable restroom on the road 

  • Professional photography 

  • Medical staff on the road

  • Limited Cooler Van access on the road

  • Contribution to Fuze Gives Back Foundation 

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View costumes below or CLICK HERE for pricing plans

Make sure you register no later than February 15th. Apply the $50 late registration fee for all new registrations after February 28th.

There's hope after May 3rd! Pay for your costume package IN FULL by 11:59pm EASTERN TIME June 15, 2023.

Costume Policy

  • Costumes are ordered according the details specified in the costume order form.

  • FUZE does not make costume deliveries. Fetters MUST be in Antigua to pick up costumes.  There are absolutely no exceptions.

  • Costume packages are available at costume pickup in Antigua only. 

  • Additional sizes and items not specified on the costume order form will not be available.

  • Limited costume alterations (as listed on the website) will be provided.

  • By purchasing a costume and registering for carnival, you understand and adhere to the terms of your costume package as it relates to payment deadlines, package contents and costume alterations as listed on the website.

  • Registration and costume package purchases include a mandatory $250 deposit. 

  • All  deposits ($250 USD) are NONREFUNDABLE.

  • Refunds of subsequent costume package payments after March 3, 2023 are also NONREFUNDABLE.

  • Purchase of any costume package or event ticket from this website is an automatic engagement of services whereby the customer/buyer agrees to the terms of the FUZE Costume Policy.  

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